Are SIGG bottles really worth the extra money? Absolutely and here’s why.

SIGG has been designing and manufacturing water bottles in Switzerland since 1908. SIGG and their extended partners around the world are dedicated to doing just one thing – producing and customizing the world’s best water bottles for you and the planet.

Environmentally Friendly Water Bottles

SIGG has been committed to producing their bottles in a responsible manner that will reduce the impact on the environment. They are working on ways that will allow them to quantify their carbon footprint and benchmark their progress.

Durable, Virtually Unbreakable Water Bottles

SIGG water bottles are durable; they are virtually unbreakable. SIGG bottles are 100% recyclable and are meant to be used for 10-20 years! So, they are worth the initial cost because anyone who receives them as a gift or recognition will use them for many years and will recognize that you hold them in high value.

Technologically Superior Water Bottles means No Taste or Odour Transfer

SIGG water bottles are special as they are extruded from a single “puck” of aluminum; this mean there are no seams. SIGG bottles are lined with an EcoCare® Liner; a propriety high-performance lining that ensures a fresh, clean taste and no metallic aftertaste. The EcoCare® Liner is chemically inert so it does not absorb, leach or transfer odours or flavours, no matter what beverage is inside The SIGG bottle’s internal coating is resistant to fruit juice acids, energy drinks, alcohol and almost all consumable beverages. So, water tastes like water and juice like juice!

Water Bottles Certified Free of Harmful Chemicals

With the recent concern regarding plastic water bottles leaching harmful BPH, SIGG “The Original Swiss Bottle” is a popular alternative. SIGG water bottles undergo rigorous testing and SIGG can confidently attest that:

  • SIGG bottles are also certified and free of harmful chemicals.
  • SIGG water bottles ingredients are free of any volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), Phthalates, BADGE, BFDGE, and NOGE.
  • SIGG water bottles are BPA free*.
  • All ingredients used are in conformance with both European and U.S. regulatory requirements. SIGG fully complies with standards imposed by all the world’s major regulatory agencies, especially in Switzerland (Bundesgesetz fuerLebensmittel & Gebrauchsgegenstaende LMG), Europe (European Food Act) and the U.S. (FDA Food and Drug Administration).

SIGG bottles are independently lab-tested to affirm our products SIGG’s promise.

* Substances like BPA are prevalent in the environment and are in a very wide variety of consumer products found in the home, including food and beverage product containers and most plastic products. As a result, it is literally impossible to certify that something is 100% BPA free and to scientifically validate such a guarantee.